Preparing For Your Session

I have put together a few tips to help you get ready for your upcoming session. For more information, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Getting ready for your Newborn Photo Session

The most important thing to getting ready is just to relax and try not to stress about anything. Go about your normal routine with baby. If baby is unsettled a nice warm bath a little before the session may help.

Photographing a newborn is best when baby is in the first two weeks of life. We still want them to be in that “sleeps all day” phase. This really helps us to achieve those sleepy, curly poses that we all love so much. But if that does not work for you then please rest assured I have had a lot of success with older newborns.

Babies are sleepiest when they are nice and full so I will probably have you feed baby once you arrive to help us move them into a good sleep. If baby needs to eat before you leave then it should just be a quick snack then before we start.

Please dress baby in something that snaps on or zips up. This keeps me from disturbing them too much when I am undressing them if they are asleep.

If you would like photos with your baby, please dress in simple coordinating, neutral colored clothing so we do not distract from baby’s gorgeous face. Make sure to wear something comfy and bring a change of clothes just in case of “accidents”.

Have fun!

Getting ready for you Maternity Session

Maternity sessions are best done when you are between 30 and 35 weeks along. Unless you want to do some sort of progression series images then we will need to talk about getting you in to the studio right away.

When choosing your outfit, wear something you are comfortable in, and that coordinates well with anyone else in the photos with you, and shows off your baby bump. Please avoid clothes that have large prints, logos, pin stripes and bright colors. Soft neutral colors work best.

I have beautiful maternity gowns for you to choose from as well. If you are interested in wearing one, please bring nude colored strapless bra and panties with you. Don’t forget to ask me about my gown buy back program.

Be mindful of your shoes and nails and they will show in your pictures.

Don’t forget to relax and put your feet up.

Getting Ready for your child’s Milestone Session

When choosing an outfit for your child please choose something that fit will and are mostly neutral, solid colors avoiding logos and bright colors.

Please feel free to bring a change of clothes.

We should try and schedule our session around child’s nap time, if possible, so they are rested and happy.

If you choose a cake smash session for your child’s first birthday, please let me know in advance.

Cake Smash Sessions

When choosing a cake for your session, please bring a white or light cake with pastel or white frosting while savings the darker colors for accents. Chocolate cake does not photograph well.

Definitely bring a change of clothes for your baby and yourself as well. These sessions can get messy.