Newborn Portrait Gallery

Beautiful Newborn Babies

New babies are a blessing, a miracle, something so precious and innocent. Newborns grow and change so rapidly. It’s like you blink and they look different. This is why newborn photography is so popular. Capturing those precious moments before they are gone is so important.

I mainly photograph newborns within the first two weeks of life. If you can not get in during that time there is nothing to worry about.  It is not impossible to get those sleepy, curly images after that time frame. It may just require a bit more patience. I have had a lot of success with older newborns. I love being able to capture precious moments that give me feelings of warmth and coziness with rich, earthy colors and textures. Designing these set ups for each new baby that comes into the studio for my families to have pictures to cherish for years and years to come is all part of the custom experience I enjoy.