Maternity Portrait Gallery


Pregnancy is Beautiful

I never expected to love maternity photography as much as I do. But I really enjoy it. Being pregnant and awaiting a new baby brings such an array of emotions; from joy, love and excitement to a bit of uncertainty. Not to mention all the changes your body goes through. It is amazing being pregnant but hard too. There is something pretty great about having these mamas come in for a session and having them feel how beautiful they truly are. Capturing the beauty of pregnancy is just really special. My favorite thing about maternity photography is being able to make them feel pampered and feminine and being able to show them how gorgeous they are. Getting to know these amazing women is really wonderful as well.

Your maternity session is best scheduled when you are between 28 and 35 weeks along. Once you have a nice baby bump but before bloating sets in and you get uncomfortable. We all know that babies come when they want and sometimes without any notice. If we schedule any closer to your due date, we run the risk of baby arriving before the session.

Gown Gallery

To see my complete maternity closet and all the gowns I offer for you to use during our session together please click HERE. Password: Dresses